Frog Queen

March 23, 2009 /

Graz, Austria

Photo © Nikolaos Zachariadis

The building known as "Frog Queen" houses several engineering offices and an attached test facility for an engineering firm based in Graz. The basic geometric shape of the structure is a cuboid.

The systematic implementation of the pixel theme displays a confident sense of identity and self-awareness.

As the visitor approaches the building, the black and white outer skin reveals itself as an ornamental motif viewed at an increasingly large resolution. The facades are clad with aluminum boards with silk-screen prints. The various scales of grey are generated through the arrangement of the different sizes of printer dots in form of ornamental motives. From a distance the extended artwork appear as a monumental two-dimensional picture in the landscape.

Photo © Nikolaos Zachariadis

Photo © Nikolaos Zachariadis

Photo © Nikolaos Zachariadis

Photo © Nikolaos Zachariadis

Photo © Nikolaos Zachariadis

The interior opens up into an atrium brightly lit by natural daylight. Here the architects have played with the dynamic relationship between indoors and outdoors.

The foyer is coated with epoxy resin paint with blowed in silver-chips and final PUR-coating

Photo © Nikolaos Zachariadis

Photo © Nikolaos Zachariadis

In the office areas large numbers of individual windows, giving onto various aspects, appear to frame the views of the surrounding district. These window views combined with large-format photographs of country scenes on the walls create a kind of ornamental picture installation.

Photo © Nikolaos Zachariadis

Photo © Nikolaos Zachariadis

Photo © Nikolaos Zachariadis

Offices for the management board are located on the top floor. Administration, engineers and conference rooms are on the 1st and 2nd floor. The hall for test rigs is on the ground floor.

Drawing courtesy SplitterwerkSite Plan

Drawing courtesy SplitterwerkGround Floor Plan

Mezzanine PlanDrawing courtesy Splitterwerk

Drawing courtesy SplitterwerkFirst Floor Plan

Drawing courtesy SplitterwerkSection

Facts about Frog Queen

Total area:

ca. 1,400 m2

Project Team:
Irene Berto
Mark Blaschitz
Erika Brunnermayer
Marius Ellwanger
Hannes Freiszmuth
Johann Grabner
Edith Hemmrich
Ute Himmelberg
Bernhard Kargl
Benjamin Nejedly
Josef Roschitz
Maik Rost
Ingrid Somitsch

Project Management:
Ingenos Ziviltechniker GmbH
Rudolf Elsenwenger, Gerhard Smeh

Structural Consultant:

werkraum wien
Peter Bauer, David Lemp

Building Services Consultant:

Rudolf Sonnek

HVACR Design:

Guenter Grabner

Energy Consultant:

Dr. Tomberger ZT GesmbH
Hannes Veitsberger

Electrical Design:

Erich Watzke & Moskon & Busz GmbH
Rudolf Busz


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