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February 22, 2017 /

Visual Arts Building, University of Iowa
Steven Holl Architects
Iowa City, Iowa, USA

At first glance, the humble state of Iowa, located in the heart of the American Midwest, might seem an unlikely location for the work of starchitects. Home to just over three million residents spread across a handful of small cities, the state is one of the least populated in the United States. Largely driven by agriculture and academia, the state has maintained a relatively tame architectural landscape—until now.

May 08, 2014 /

Glasgow School of Art
Steven Holl Architects
Glasgow, United Kingdom

To design an addition to a well-recognized and globally respected masterpiece must be one of the most difficult tasks for architects. Steven Holl, one of the most talented American architects of our time, had to face this challenge in Scotland's largest city: Situated directly across the street from the main building of the Glasgow School of Art, the climax of the Scottish Art Nouveau, the prestigious Academy of Art asked him to construct a new building. It was inaugurated on April 9th - a good hundred years after the inauguration of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's magnum opus.

Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art by Steven Holl Architects in Helsinki, Finland. Interior.
Photo © Paul Warchol
November 11, 2012 /

Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art
Steven Holl Architects
Helsinki, Finland

Kiasma is located in the heart of Helsinki at the foot of the Parliament building to the west, with Eliel Saarinen's Helsinki Station to the east, and Alvar Aalto's Finlandia Hall to the north.

Daeyang Gallery and House by Steven Holl Architects in Seoul, South Korea. Exterior pool.
Photo: Iwan Baan
July 02, 2012 /

Daeyang Gallery and House
Steven Holl Architects
Seoul, South Korea

The private gallery and house is sited in the hills of the Kangbuk section of Seoul, Korea.

Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) by Steven Holl Architects in Richmond, Virginia, USA.
Model photo courtesy Steven Holl Architects
May 07, 2012 /

Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA)
Steven Holl Architects
Richmond, Virginia, USA

Sited at the edge of the Virginia Commonwealth University campus in Richmond, Virginia, the new Institute for Contemporary Art will link the University with the surrounding community.

Cité de l’Océan et du Surf by Steven Holl Architects in Biarritz, France. Exterior view.
Photo © Iwan Baan
January 09, 2012 /

Cité de l’Océan et du Surf
Steven Holl Architects
Biarritz, France

The Cité de l'Océan et du Surf is a museum that explores both surf and sea and their role upon our leisure, science and ecology.

Nanjing Sifang Art Museum by Steven Holl Architects in Nanjing, China. Exterior view.
Photo © Iwan Baan
June 06, 2011 /

Nanjing Sifang Art Museum
Steven Holl Architects
Nanjing, China

The new museum is sited at the gateway to the Contemporary International Practical Exhibition of Architecture in the lush green landscape of the Pearl Spring near Nanjing, China.

Linked Hybrid by Steven Holl Architects in Beijing, China. Exterior.
Photo © Iwan Baan
June 07, 2010 /

Linked Hybrid
Steven Holl Architects
Beijing, China

The Linked Hybrid complex in Beijing aims to counter the current privatized urban developments in China by creating a twenty-first century porous urban space - inviting and open to the public from every side.

Shan-Shui Hangzhou by Steven Holl Architects in Hangzhou, China. Model.
Image courtesy Steven Holl Architects
March 01, 2010 /

Shan-Shui Hangzhou
Steven Holl Architects
Hangzhou, China

Steven Holl Architects were awarded first prize in the design competition to redevelop the site of the oxygen and boiler plants in Hangzhou.

HEART by Steven Holl Architects in Herning, Denmark. 
Exterior view.
Photo © Christian Richters
September 07, 2009 /

Steven Holl Architects
Herning, Denmark

The landscape of grass mounds and reflecting pools aligns with a geometry of curved roof sections of the new building that houses permanent and temporary exhibition galleries, a 150-seat auditorium, music rehearsal rooms, a restaurant, a media library, and administrative offices all on one level.

Knut Hamsun Center by Steven Holl Architects in Hamaröy, Norway. 
Exterior view.
Photo: Nordland County Council / Tore Schöning Olsen
August 17, 2009 /

Knut Hamsun Center
Steven Holl Architects
Hamaröy, Norway

Knut Hamsun, Norway's most inventive twentieth-century writer, fabricated new forms of expression in his first novel Hunger. He went on to found a truly modern school of fiction with his works Pan, Mysteries, and Growth of the Soil.

Sliced Porosity Block by Steven Holl Architects in Chengdu, China. 
Photo: Iwan Baan
March 03, 2008 /

Sliced Porosity Block
Steven Holl Architects
Chengdu, China

The site is developed to maximize public open space and to stimulate micro-urbanism.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art by Steven Holl Architects in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Exterior view.
Photo: Andy Ryan
May 21, 2007 /

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Steven Holl Architects
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

The addition to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art runs along the eastern edge of the museum campus and provides a counterpoint to the original 1933 Beaux-Arts building.

T-Houses by Steven Holl Architects in Copenhagen, Denmark. Rendering.
Image courtesy Steven Holl Architects
January 05, 2007 /

Steven Holl Architects
Copenhagen, Denmark

A green folded space with multiple elevations on top of the commercial space is sliced open by the insertion of five rotated dancing towers.

Steven Holl - Sarphatistraat - Exterior
October 04, 2004 /

Sarphatistraat Offices
Steven Holl Architects
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The new addition to the renovated Singel Gracht building, the former Federal Warehouse of Medical Supplies, has replaced one of the outbuildings on the canal side of the four - story brick "U" building.

Bellevue Art Museum by Steven Holl Architects in Seattle, Washington, USA. Exterior view.
Photo: arcspace
February 23, 2001 /

Bellevue Art Museum
Steven Holl Architects
Seattle, Washington, USA

The Bellevue Art Museum, clad in three basic elements, red-stained concrete, hand-sanded aluminum panels and the glass of its huge windows and skylights, is a bold statement in the midst of sterile towers, downtown shopping and traffic.

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