Harlem Park
TEN Arquitectos

January 17, 2005 /

New York, New York, USA

Image courtesy TEN Arquitectos

Dramatically illuminated at night Harlem Park will strike a prominent profile on the northern Manhattan skyline.

Harlem Park is envisioned as the first high-profile landmark to mark the rebirth of Harlem in the 21st Century. The building, a layered silhouette of glass and masonry, will mark the gateway to Harlem at 125th Street and Park Avenue.

The design strategy was to create a memorable and timeless image that will remain a prominent landmark in Harlem as the neighborhood continues to grow and change.

Image courtesy TEN Arquitectos
Image courtesy TEN Arquitectos

The composition of the above-grade construction will appear as an assemblage of distinct volumes corresponding to the multiple functions within the complex.

At street level, retail spaces will wrap around the entire site to activate the street level and encourage pedestrians to turn the corner onto Park Avenue. Signage will be integrated into the pedestrian level storefronts and facades to attract activity and further activate the pedestrian experience.

The roof area of the mid-rise office block will contain restaurants, spas, and other amenities. The Marriott Courtyard Hotel will occupy the lower portion of the tower with luxury residential units above.

Image courtesy TEN Arquitectos
Image courtesy TEN Arquitectos
Norten would like the tower building to reflect the particular colors of Harlem, reds, yellows, and greens, by applying a mosaic of colored louvers behind the curved glass windows.

Tower detail courtesy TEN Arquitectos
Harlem Park will act as the connecting node between east and west Harlem, and establish and reinforce the standards of the 125th Street corridor as it evolves as the Main Street of the neighborhood in the years ahead. The Metro North Railroad across the street, one direct stop from Grand Central Station, connects to commuter suburbs in New York and Connecticut.

Drawing courtesy TEN Arquitectos

Facts about Harlem Park

Total area:

550,000 ft2


1800 Park Avenue, LCC.


TEN Arquitectos (Taller de Enrique Norten Arquitectos, SC)

Executive Architect:

MDA Design Group International


Michael Duddy

Project Team:

Tim Dumbleton
Michel Hsiung
Yun Hsueh, Daniel Holguin
Dieter Schoellbenger
Luis Villegas
Maya Schali
Elisabeth Martin.
Structural Engineer: DeSimone Consulting Engineers, PLLC. Design

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