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Esbjerg Performing Arts Center exterior
September 02, 2012 /

Esbjerg Performing Arts Center
Utzon Architects
Esbjerg, Denmark

The Esbjerg Performing Arts Center is a close collaboration between Jan Utzon and his father Jørn Utzon.

Henry Dunker Culture Centre by Utzon Architects in Helsingborg, Sweden. Exterior waterfront
Photo: arcspace
April 14, 2003 /

Henry Dunker Culture Centre
Utzon Architects
Helsingborg, Sweden

The design was inspired by the close relationship between the town and Øresund; the strait between Denmark and Sweden.

Bagsvaerd Community Church interior 
Photo: arcspace
January 02, 2001 /

Bagsværd Community Church
Utzon Architects
Bagsværd, Denmark

The modest church, the color of the Nordic sky, stands tall and proud between birch trees, its back turned towards the noisy street.

Skagen Odde Nature Center by Utzon Architects in Skagen, Denmark. Exterior landscape
Photo: arcspace
September 05, 2000 /

The Desert Fortress
Utzon Architects
Skagen, Denmark

The Skagen Odde Nature Center, a museum for the natural elements, is situated in the open dune landscape on the northernmost tip of Denmark where the two oceans, Kattegat and Skagerak, meet.

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