Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB

October 15, 2012 /

Spira Performing Arts Center
Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB
Jönköping, Sweden

Spira Performing Arts Center contains four different performing arts venues; a main concert hall, a theater, a black box, and a café stage. The building is situated on an artificial peninsula jutting out into Lake Munksjön, in the center of downtown Jönköping.

The Universeum by Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB in Göteborg, Sweden.
Photo: Åke E:son Lindman
July 08, 2001 /

The Universeum
Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB
Göteborg, Sweden

The Universeum is located on a steep slope adjacent to an amusement park on the fringe of Göteborg City Center.

Royal Swedish Embassy by Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB in Berlin, Germany. 
Photo @
October 15, 1999 /

Royal Swedish Embassy
Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB
Berlin, Germany

The Swedish Embassy is located in the northeastern part of the embassy ensemble. The design refers to the aesthetics of classical Swedish Modernism, for example in the window band and the wall strip of the western facade.

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