Contemporary Arts Center (CAC)
Zaha Hadid Architects

March 26, 2003 /

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Image courtesy Contemporary Arts Center (CAC)

With the move to this dynamic new building, the first free-standing home for the Center's pioneering programming, the CAC will become one of the most centrally located contemporary arts institutions in the USA.

In the program elements Hadid talks about an "Urban Carpet"; a continuous surface between the street outside and the wall inside."A sense of movement will be sweeping into the building from the move your body on a journey though the building..."

The new Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art will extend the CAC's 64-year tradition of innovation by encouraging viewers, artists and art to interact in new ways within a presenting space.

Image courtesy Contemporary Arts Center (CAC)

The concrete, steel and glass building features undulating levels and ramps to accommodate the varied shapes, scales and media of contemporary art. The galleries, that appear to float over the main lobby, connect and interlock like a three dimensional jigsaw puzzle, allowing for unobstructed viewing from all sides.

Image courtesy Contemporary Arts Center (CAC)

The public lobby, where everyone enters, is downtown and central to the city so people who are just walking around can go in and have a coffee downstairs or hang around the lobby or go upstairs to quickly see a show. It is a very accessible building. It's not a compact building and there is a degree of transparency on the ground and above. So it's n Every time you confront the space you have a different experience./Zaha Hadid

Computer image courtesy Contemporary Arts Center (CAC)

Computer image courtesy Contemporary Arts Center (CAC)

Computer image courtesy Contemporary Arts Center (CAC)

Computer image courtesy Contemporary Arts Center (CAC)

Facts about Contemporary Arts Center (CAC)

Site area:

11,000 ft2
Floor area: 87,000 ft2
Gallery area: 17,000 ft2

Zaha Hadid

Project Architect:

Markus Dochantschi

Project Team:

Ana Sotrel
Jan Hübener
David Gerber
Christos Passas
Sonia Villaseca
James Lim
Jee-Eun Lee
Oliver Domeisen
Helmut Kinzler
Patrik Schumacher
Michael Wolfson
David Gomersall

Assistant Project Architect:

Ed Gaskin, KZF incorporated

Construction Manager:

Turner Construction Company


Office for Visual Interaction Inc.


Ove Arup & Partners 


Contemporary Arts Center (CAC)

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