Zvi Hecker

Spiral Apartment House by Zvi Hecker in Ramat Gan, Israel. Exterior
Photo courtesy Zvi Hecker
March 07, 2001 /

Spiral Apartment House
Zvi Hecker
Ramat Gan, Israel

The Spiral House is situated on a hillside in Ramat Gan, one of the towns in the Dan metropolitan region that includes the city of Tel Aviv. The building is designed like an enlarged set of steps that begin on the ground and spiral upwards.

The Heinz Galinski School by Zvi Hecker in Berlin, Germany. Exterior. 
Photo: arcspace
November 15, 2000 /

The Heinz Galinski School
Zvi Hecker
Berlin, Germany

The design unfolds its petals to form "a village for children".

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