License Agreement

By placing a download and using the photographs provided to you by arcspace you acknowledge that you accept the terms of this licence.

All the photographs are protected by the laws on royalties and copyright. The property of the photographs and the commercial rights pertaining to it, belong to arcspace which only grants you a licence of use for the photographs.

This licence is individual, non-transferable and non-exclusive. It gives you the right to use the photographs on any type of medium, for any sort of utilisation, such as for example the illustration of press articles, packaging, advertising, on-line use, as well as the right to carry out any form of reproduction, printed or digital, needed in what you intend to do with the photographs. This licence is granted to you without a time limit, unless you should fail to respect one of its clauses. This licence allows you to recentre the photographs, to take elements out of them, to use them partially, to touch them up or add elements to them.

The following uses are not authorised in compliance with the licence granted to you here. Before any use in one of the following cases, it is mandatory to contact arcspace in download to pay a additional licence : For any use of the photographs in a product, meant to be commercialised, of which they represent the main value, such as books, postcards and posters or any digital media. For any billing activity through a commercial network, reproducing the whole or part of a photograph.

It is forbidden to resell, give a sub-licence, give, lend, sub-let, distribute the whole or part of an image, whatever its size and resolution. It is forbidden to use the photographs in a context which might be pornographic, political, slanderous, immoral, offensive or degrading

arcspace certifies that it is entitled to all the commercial rights pertaining to the photographs (apart from the rights pertaining to protected buildings, works of art, objects or registered trademarks appearing on the photographs).

All rights pertaining to the photographs are owned by arcspace. The granting of this licence does not imply a transfer of ownership. The photographs are protected by the laws on royalty and copyright. You are therefore under the obligation to use the photographs like any other protected product. Any representation or reproduction, complete or partial, carried out without the consent of arcspace is a forgery.

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