The Architect's Studio is an arcspace online exhibition with predominantly sketches and drawings by the architect's own hand.

  • Christiansborg Palace
Main Cornice towards Courtyard
Indian ink and water color on paper (650x935 mm)
    September 07, 2012 /

    C.F. Hansen 1756 - 1845: Renderings 

    The exhibition features a selection of exquisite renderings by Danish Master Architect C.F. Hansen (1756 - 1845); a prominent figure in Northern European Classicism. ...

  • BMW Event - and Delivery Center 2001
(in Planning)
Munich, Germany
    September 07, 2012 /

    Coop Himmelb(l)au: Sketches

    Our concept of the design describes an approach to the explosive nucleus of the tension-charged area of complexity. ...

  • Fish Lamps (1983)
    September 07, 2012 /

    Frank O. Gehry: Sketches

    The key to Frank O. Gehry's architecture is in his drawings. ...

  • I. M. Pei 1991
    September 11, 2012 /

    I.M. Pei Concept Sketches

    The action of the architect's hand, exploring and resisting the imposed geometry of the site and his own design principles. ...

  • All Michael Maltzan Sketches are UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
    September 11, 2012 /

    Michael Maltzan Sketches

    I can't say that I design in one way or another it is a lot more back and forwards.....It is like casting a broad net and seeing what comes up - Michael Maltzan. Sketches, UCLA Hammer Museum. ...

  • Collage
    September 11, 2012 /

    Enric Miralles & Benedetta Tagliabue: Sketches & Drawings

    Sketches & Drawings by Enric Miralles - Benedetta Tagliabue. Mollet del Valles Park and Civic Center, Spain. ...

  • November 13, 1998
    September 11, 2012 /

    Richard Meier: Collages

    Richard Meier's collages complement his architecture. Unlike his architectural drawings, they are nonrepresentational. ...

  • Sketch © Santiago Calatrava archives
Sketchbook 1989
    September 11, 2012 /

    Santiago Calatrava: Sketches

    Calatrava's drawings of varying type, format, and technique afford us a key to understanding the ensemble of his work. ...

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