The Architect's Studio is an arcspace online exhibition with predominantly sketches and drawings by the architect's own hand.

  • Christiansborg Palace
Main Cornice towards Courtyard
Indian ink and water color on paper (650x935 mm)
    September 07, 2012 /

    C.F. Hansen 1756 - 1845: Renderings 

    The exhibition features a selection of exquisite renderings by Danish Master Architect C.F. Hansen (1756 - 1845); a prominent figure in Northern European Classicism. ...

  • April 14, 2003 /

    Michael Jantzen Virtual Reality Interface

    As part of his ongoing personal design research that has explored alternative ways of thinking about the built environment, Michael Jantzen has created the project called “Virtual Reality Interface”. ...

  • Tuborg Nord, Copenhagen (1996)
Offices and residential.
    August 01, 2001 /

    Henning Larsen Sketches

    "Suddenly it's all so obvious. That's how to do it. That's how it will look. There are all sorts of problems I can't sort out. When that happens I sketch it all out on a piece of paper, solely in order to remind myself of the essentials." - Henning Larsen ...

  • BMW Event - and Delivery Center 2001
(in Planning)
Munich, Germany
    September 07, 2012 /

    Coop Himmelb(l)au: Sketches

    Our concept of the design describes an approach to the explosive nucleus of the tension-charged area of complexity. ...

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