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Hotels: Aire de Bardenas Hotel by Emiliano López & Mónica Rivera in Tudela, Navarra, Spain.
Exterior view of the Aire de Bardenas Hotel. Photo: José Hevia
June 19, 2013 /

Hotels: Aire de Bardenas Hotel
Tudela, Navarra, Spain

Located only three kilometers away from the city center of Tudela (Navarra, Spain) stands the four-star Hotel Aire de Bardenas, an ecological architectural jewel created by Barcelona-based architects Emiliano López & Mónica Rivera.

Palacio da Alvorada, photo cred.: Secretaria de Imprensa e Porta-Voz da Presidência da República,
July 22, 2013 /

Travel guide: Brasilia
Brasilia, Brazil

Being not only the federal capital of Brazil, but also the acropolis of modernistic architecture and the playground of master architect and Pritzker Prize laureate Oscar Niemeyer, Brasilia is definitely a trip worthy for anyone with an itch for great proportions, concrete, master plans and socialistic architecture.

August 15, 2013 /

Hotels: Wythe Hotel
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Wythe Hotel, designed by Morris Adjmi Architects, succeeds in creating a grand hotel experience and - at the same time - staying true to the local Williamsburg neighborhood. With its combination of post-industry, old school minimalist aesthetics and a seemingly effortless coolness (but don’t be fooled) the Wythe Hotel fits Brooklyn like a glove.

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